Flare For Danger  

Prerequisite: By Hook Or By Crook
Leads To: The End of the Matter
Start Zone: The Shire
Start Area: Michel Delving
Start Mob: Thain Paladin Took II
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 60c
Quest Level: 11
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Locations with maps: The Shire
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    Thain Paladin Took II
    Michel Delving


'There are some Big Folk -- ruffians or brigands, most likely -- camping in the south-west part of the Marish, not far from Woodhall. The camp is at Narrowcleeve, and there is a ford near the brink of a waterfall that can bring you up to the heights. I've received many complaints about them, and I've asked the Shirriffs to deal with them, but assembling enough Bounders has been difficult.

'I've heard rumours of strange lights in the sky around the Marish. Now that you remind me of those fireworks, I think perhaps one of the ruffians must have stolen them from Hyacinth.

'Those fireworks could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Who knows what mischief they could cause with them? We have no time to gather Bounders, now. You must destroy those fireworks at once!'


Paladin Took is certain that a band of brigands stole Hyacinth's fireworks and is planning to use them for harmful purposes.


Objective 1

The brigands encampment is at Narrowcleeve, the heights in the south-west part of the Marish, not far from Woodhall. You can enter the camp by crossing a ford near the brink of a waterfall.

Shirriff Robin Smallburrow sent you to speak with Paladin Took, the Thain of the Shire, about Hyacinth's stolen fireworks. The Thain suggested that they may have been stolen by a band of ruffians camped in the Marish and sent you to destroy the fireworks.

Objective 2

The Thain is at the Great Smials in Tuckborough.

The Thain, Paladin Took, sent you to destroy Hyacinth Took's stolen fireworks at a brigand encampment. With victory in hand, you should return to the Thain at once.


The camp with the fireworks is at the very rear of Narrowcleave, and it is guarded by Half-orcs. Simply double click on the fireworks to destroy them.

Just as you cross the water and start into the Brigand camp, turn left and go up the hill. There is a pass there which takes you straight to the fireworks, bypassing most of the camp.

Location reported as being at 35.5S, 66.9W. Right-clicking will set off an explosion which can engulf all nearby NPCs in flame, killing them.