Instance: Othrongroth  

Series Name: Vol 1, Book 1: Stirrings in the Darkness
Included in Quest: Chapter 11: Othrongroth
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Old Forest
Start Location: Tom Bombadil's House
Start Mob: Tom Bombadil
Flags: Epic
Quest Level: 21
Min Level: 17
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Tom Bombadil
    The Great Barrow


'Come now, me hearties!

'Between those stones is what you look for, the Great Barrows of the Downs.


'Was it worth the trouble? Did you learn your lesson? Leave the Dead to sleep their dreamless sleep and walk yourself upon the green grass under the sun!'

"What be you a-thinking? Dead men should not be walking!

Vanish into sunlight, leave your barrows empty?

Come now, my merry friends, warm fire is awaiting..."


Tom Bombadil has brought you to the barrow named Othrongroth. A servant of the Nazgul, Andraste, said that the Lord of the Nazgul would be found here.


Objective 1
The entrance to Orthrongroth is nearby to the west.

Tom Bombadil led you safely to the entrance of Orthrongroth, the Great Barrow, in the Barrow-downs. Your search for the Witch-king will lead you into the barrow.

Objective 2
The Witch-king and the dwarf Skorgrim have entered Orthrongroth. You should follow them into the barrow and search for them there.

Objective 3
Your path through the Great Barrow led you to the Black Rider, who took notice of your pressence and called the Dead to attack you. Defeat these creatures and continue on through Orthrongroth!

Objective 4
Your pursuit of the Witch-king has led you to a room with a wight seated upon a great throne. The creature bid you welcome and said that if you sought an audience, you could approach.

Objective 5
Thanks to the arrival of Tom Bombadil, the Wight-lord has been defeated! Tom waits to speak with you.