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Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Grimwood Lumber Camp
Start Mob: Taskmaster Ghamp
Flags: Monster, Raid, Repeatable
Items Needed:Destiny Granted: 500
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors | Ettenmoors
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    Taskmaster Ghamp
    Grimwood Lumber Camp


Taskmaster Ghamp, the troll stationed at the Grimwood Lumber-yard made mention of "big log". You surmise that he needs large logs to repair the walls encircling the camp.


Objective 1

Collect Grimwood-logs (20)

Find Grimwood-logs from felled trees or carve them from the Leafcull-trees in the area.

Taskmaster Ghamp communicated in his own way that he needs large logs to fix the walls at the Grimwood Lumber-yard.