Carving OutHearts  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Hithlad
Start Location: Grimwood Lumber Camp
Start Mob: Chieftain Torbok
Flags: Monster, Raid, Repeatable, Fellowship
Destiny Granted: 750
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors
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    Chieftain Torbok


The Angmarim within the city of Carn Dûm have a desire for the heartwood cut from the centre of the Leafcull-trees within the Grimwood. He has offered you a reward for collecting the heartwood.


Objective 1

Collect Grimwood-heartwood (20)

Grimwood-heartwood can be found on the Leafcull-trees, though you may possibly find it in the fallen logs as well.

Chieftain Torbok directed you to recover and return Grimwood-heartwood to him.

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