Bedding of Bears  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Coldfells
Start Location: Tirith Rhaw
Start Mob: Soldier Fandmau
Flags: Monster, Raid, Repeatable
Items Needed:Destiny Granted: 250
Quest Level: 50
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'Stop looking at me that way. I've no fear! I've got my orders, and my orders are to pass along a message to you from the War-tyrant! The army is tired and cold. I've been dispatched here to see that we do something about this.

'I'm not going outside the safety of this tower! Too many of the enemy nearby for my liking! You go get the hides that I need, and I'll be sure to tell all others that you helped.

'Get hides from the bears around us. They are the most dangerous thing we face in these parts!'


Soldier Fandmau, stationed at Tirith Rhaw, ordered you to collect the hides of the Morningthaw-bears to use as bedding for the army.


Objective 1
Collect Morningthaw-hides (0/10)

Bears can be found around Tirith Rhaw.

Soldier Fandmau waits for you to return with the bear-hides he ordered you to collect.