The Fourth Gear  

Prerequisite: The Third Gear
Series Name: The Puzzle-vault
Leads To: The Fifth Gear
Start Zone: Thorin's Hall
Start Area: Thorin's Hall
Start Location: Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall
Start Mob: Bavor
Flags: Solo
Items Needed:Reputation Increased: 500 Thorin's Hall
Cash Granted: 1s 5c
Exp Granted: 387
Quest Level: 12
Min Level: 8
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin | Thorin's Hall
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    Thorin's Hall


'The fourth missing gear is going to be a...a bit of a problem. You see, it was kept here in Thorin's Halls, and the confounded Dourhands took it when they left, as they were forever trying to get into that vault while they were here.

'From what I understand, the fourth gear is in a chest in Kheledûl, the last town the Dourhands still control. Kheledûl is on the river west of Gondamon.

'I'm not sure exactly where you'll find the gear, but I would not be surprised if it was well-guarded, as the Dourhands know very well that it is essential for getting into the Vault.'


Bavor is an artificer tasked with repairing the great lock which opens access to the fabled Vault of the Mountain.


Objective 1

Find  the missing fourth gear
The fourth gear is in a chest at the Dourhand port of Kheledul, east of Gondamon.

Bavor has asked you to recover the fourth missing gear from the Dourhands of Kheledul.

Objective 2
Bring the fourth gear to Bavor

Bavor is in Thorin's Hall, far to the north-west of Kheledul.

Bavor will be pleased to see you have recovered the fourth gear.


The fourth gear is found in a chest on NW side of Kheledul. Exact Cords for that gear are 21.0 S , 92.2W