Took and A Tower  

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    Esilia Took
    Thain Paladin Took II


'You wouldn't believe Gerebert's tale. It seems that hiding aboard Longo's waggon took him much further than anyone would have expected. You simply must talk to him. The poor fellow is inside my house, just shaking something terrible.'


Esilia Took told you that Gerebert finally made it to her house and told a fantastic tale of his journey aboard Longo's Waggon


Objective 1

Gerebert Took is inside Esilia's house.

Esilia Took thanked you for rescuding her cousin and told you that Gerebert spun an astounding tale. She reccomended that you go inside and speak with him yourself.

Objective 2

Paladin Took, the Thain, is at the Great Smials in Tuckborough.

Esilia Took sent you into her house to speak with her cousin, Gerebert. Gerebert told you a fantastic tale about a terrible tower in far away lands, where he saw a strange, robed man named Sharkey. He asked you to tell his story to the Thain.