Pipe-weed Delivery  

Prerequisite: Family Heirloom
Leads To: Healing Stores
Start Zone: Bree-town
Start Area: Bree
Start Location: Combe Gate
Start Mob: Bruner Stoutthrush
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 90c
Quest Level: 9
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Locations with maps: Bree-land | Bree-town
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    Bruner Stoutthrush


'There's a pair of fine gentlemen, Mr' Larkspur and Mr. Hawkling, what have taken up residence at Adso Haybank's camp, along the Great East Road north of the Old Forest.

'Yes, sir, fine gentlemen indeed! Hunters of game, great and small. Last time they were though here, Mr. Hawkling asked me to procure them a bit of pipe-weed.

'If you'd be so kind, deliver this cask to them with all due haste. I'm sure Mr. Hawkling will tip you if you're quick about it.'


Bruner Stoutthrush, a merchant in Bree, has asked you to deliver an order to two of his customers.


Objective 1
Bring the pipe-weed to Roger Hawkling

Roger Hawkling can be found at Adso Haybank's camp along the Great East Road, west of Bree, north of the Old Forest.

Stoutthrush wants you to bring the cask of pipe-weed to Roger Hawkling.
'So, that ill-favoured fellow, Stoutthrush, finally came through with our pipe-weed. Looks like I owe you for that wager, Larkspur!'