Off to Staddle  

Prerequisite: To Mr. Butterbur
Leads To: Now to Eastfarthing
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Southern Bree-fields
Start Location: Adso's Camp
Start Mob: Adso Haybank
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 592
Quest Level: 10
Min Level: 7
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Adso Haybank
    Bear Yearling
    Curious Bear
    Elder Forest-hunter
    Foraging Bear
    Ham Rushlight
    Large Forest-hunter
    Outcast Forest-hunter
    Snarling Forest-hunter
    Southern Bree-fields


'When I first decided to set my outpost here, I asked the stablemaster in Staddle if he would like to establish a route to my little lodge. To my surprise, he agreed! That left me in a spot of trouble.

'I quickly spoke with a friend of mine, Ham Rushlight and secured hides to build some ramshackle stables. The skins I borrowed have long since worn away, but my debt is not yet repaid. I need to send Ham so wolf and bear hides. Finding Ham's not too hard -- not too many Big Folk in Staddle, and he can usually be found near town centre.

Bears can be found around the Bree-fields, and there are wolves roaming throughout the Old Forest. The hides can't be marred, so be careful!'


Adso Haybank has asked you to help him repair the debts he incurred to build his hunting lodge and way station.


Objective 1
Collect bear-hides (0/7)
Collect wolf-hides (0/7)

Bears roam the Northern Breefields around Adso Haybank's camp, as well as the wolves. Ham Rushlight is in Staddle, east and south of Adso's camp, and due south of Combe.

Adso borrowed some hides from Ham Rushlight in Staddle to make some ramshackles. Now he has asked for your help collecting hides with which to repay Ham. Only unmarred hides will do.

Objective 2
Talk to Ham Rushlight

'So Adso is doing well enough to repay that loan. He needn't have, but I'll not begrudge the gesture. If you return to him, tell him that I thank him kindly.'

Objective 3
Talk to Adso Haybank

Adso Haybank's camp is west of Bree-town, along the Great East Road.

Ham Rushlight would like you to thank Adso Haybank for the delivery of the furs.
'All has gone quite well, and everyone has been especially kind. I was worried, too, though apparentyl for naught.

'Thank you again! Here is your payment. You certainly deserve this.

'Don't go too far from here, I may have need of your assistance again.'


Ham Rushlight is in the main square right next to the oven