The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat Tutorial  

Series Name: The North Wold
Included in Quest: Devastation in the North
Leads To: Mounted Combat Tutorial (repeatable)
Includes Quest: Instance: The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat Tutorial
Start Zone: The Wold
Start Area: The Wold
Start Location: Harwick Stables
Start Mob: Stable Guard
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 33s 60c
Exp Granted: 17743
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Steed Exp Granted: 14793
Quest Level: 75
Min Level: 70
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Locations with maps: The Wold
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    Stable Guard
    The Wold


'Ha! What a nice little steed you ride! Nothing like our own horses, but a nice little steed just the same. Though, if you are to ride alongside our warriors upon the plains of Rohan, you must learn how to fight from horseback as well.

'Our steeds are not so gentle-bred as those of the north. They are stronger, yes - but also more willful and difficult to handle.

'I have asked one of our finest riding instructors to teach you in the ways of handling a steed of the Rohirrim. You will find Seoca at the Tourney Field south of Harwick. First, though, you should look into getting a steed.

'Go and learn all you can from him - and good luck to you .'


You have been sent for training in the handling of a Rohirrim warhorse by the riding instructor Seoca upon the Tourney Field south of Harwick.


Objective 1

  • Obtain a war-steed by helping Langhold

You may not obtain a war-steed until you finish assisting the town of Langhold.

To begin the lesson, you must first obtain a war-steed.

Objective 2

  • Complete the riding course upon the tourney field

Speak with Seoca at the tourney field directly south of Harwick.

Objective 3

  • Speak to Seoca at the Tourney Field

Speak with Seoca to complete your war-steed training.

Objective 4

  • Speak to Anmar at the Harwick Mead-hall

Speak with Anmar, guard at the Mead-hall of Harwick in the Wold.