War Comes to Rohan  

Prerequisite: Reason for Alarm
Series Name: The North Wold
Leads To: Devastation in the North
Includes Quest: Instance: War Comes to Rohan
Start Zone: The Wold
Start Area: Langhold
Start Location: Mead Hall of Langhold
Start Mob: Thane Utred
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 Men of the Wold
Cash Granted: 54s 32c
Exp Granted: 18630
Item Exp Granted: 12951
Quest Level: 76
Min Level: 71
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Locations with maps: The Wold
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    Dala (Tunbert's Farm)
    Thane Utred


'Well, the decision is before me. Do we evacuate, and flee before those we exiled, simply because they have a new master? Or do we protect Langhold, the northern keep of the Riddermark?'


War is certainly at Langhold's door, and Thane Utred must choose whether to defend his city, or ensure the safety of those who serve him.


Objective 1

  • Help Thane Utred make his decision

Thane Utred must decide whether to defend or evacuate Langhold.

Objective 2

  • Speak with Dala

Dala stands at Tunbert's farm near Langhold.

You should speak with Dala.