Stolen Pride  

Prerequisite: Shady Dealings
Series Name: Rushgore
Includes Quest: Call of Honour
Includes Quest: Stolen Pride of Dunland
Includes Quest: Stolen Pride of the East
Start Zone: The Great River
Start Area: The Rushgore
Start Location: Aculf's Camp
Start Mob: Aculf
Flags: Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 500 Riders of Stangard
Cash Granted: 33s 60c
Exp Granted: 10714
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 75
Min Level: 70
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Locations with maps: The Great River
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    Dishonoured Dead
    Wold Archer
    Wold Brigand
    Wold Captain
    Wold Ruffian
    Wold Wolf-keeper
    The Rushgore


'So, as Idmar rightly guessed, we have located the brigands which have been raiding the Field of Celebrant for relics. Their encampment, which they call Atburg, lies to the west of here.

'Go there, Name, and recover the relics of my people which they have stolen from the old battlefield. If any bear the marks of their owners, we may be able to return them to their descendants.

'I am sure you will find crates of relics within the camp, but some, such as weapons and armour, may be borne by the treasure-hunters themselves. When you have completed this task, report to Eowils, our scout outside Atburg.'


Aculf and his border-guard discovered the location of the brigands raiding Parth Celebrant for relics.


Objective 1

  • Collect relics of the Rohirrim (0/10)

Relics of the Rohirrim can be found throughout the camp and on the treasure-seekers at Atburg, south-east of Aculf's camp in the Rushgore.

Aculf has asked you to recover relics of the Rohirrim from the brigand treasure-seekers.

Objective 2

  • Bring the relics you recovered to Eowils outside Atburg in the Rushgore

Eowils is outside Atburg in the Rushgore, south-east of Aculf's camp.

Aculf told you to report your successes to the scout Eowils.