Worse for Wear  

Prerequisite: Earning Trust
Series Name: Discovering the Descendant
Leads To: Proof of Trust
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Combe
Start Mob: Combe Stable-helper
Flags: Solo
Items Needed:Quest Level: 5
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Locations with maps: Bree-town | Bree-land
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    Combe Stable-helper


'The horse's stall looks satisfactory for the time being, but it would seem this horse arrived with no horseshoes. I managed to check the hooves without getting kicked, and they're doing fine for now. Soon, though, he will need a set of shoes made. Please head to Bree-town and talk to the blacksmiths to see if one is available to make a set of horseshoes for us.'


The Stable-helper found out the horse needs a set of horseshoes made, and asked you to look into having the blacksmiths of Bree help make some.


Objective 1

  • Find a Blacksmith in Bree-town to help you

A blacksmith in Bree-town should be able to help us make a new set of horseshoes.

Objective 2

  • Find an old horseshoe
  • Obtain crates of nails (0/2)
  • Obtain scrap metal (0/3)

The items needed by the blacksmith to forge new horseshoes can be found around the forge area.

Objective 3

  • Bring the items to Matt Haywood in Bree-town

Matt Haywood can be found at his forge near the Western gate of Bree-town, and is ready to help make the horseshoes.

Objective 4

  • Bring the horseshoes to the Stable-helper in Combe.

The Stable-helper in Combe will be happy to receive the horseshoes for the newly arrived horse.


This quest is needed for the deeds:
Discovering the Descendant
Horsing Around