A Tangled Mess  

Prerequisite: The Limlight Mill
Series Name: Limlight Gorge
Includes Quest: Bili is Missing
Includes Quest: Finnvarth Is Lost
Start Zone: The Great River
Start Area: Limlight Gorge
Start Location: Old Sawmill
Start Mob: Armund
Flags: Small Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 1200 Heroes of Limlight Gorge
Cash Granted: 67s 20c
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 75
Min Level: 72
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Locations with maps: The Great River
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    Limlight Gorge


'We will have this mill up and running in no time and be shipping lumber up to Stangard by the waggon-load! The trees around here have fine hardwoods, but the locals are too afraid of the forest to cut it down...can you imagine that?

'The only trouble is that most of my companions seem to have...wandered off while surveying the area around the mill. I was wondering if you could help round them up for me?

'There are two in particular: Finnvarth and Bili...they are the youngest, so I am worried that they may have gotten themselves lost in the Gorge.'


The dwarf Armund and his companions have entered the Limlight Gorge in the hope of reopening an old sawmill on the edge of Fangorn forest. Discounting the tales of monsters and walking trees, the dwarves have begun working on the sawmill, but recently most of Armund's companions seem to have mysteriously disappeared.


Objective 1

  • Complete Finnvarth Is Lost
  • Complete Bili is Missing

You should rescue the two missing dwarves, Finnvarth and Bili, who disappeared somewhere to the east of the old sawmill in the Limlight Gorge.