The Wood-cutter's Tale  

Series Name: The Wood-cutter's Tale
Leads To: New Trouble in the Old Forest
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Buckland
Start Location: Crickhollow
Start Mob: Toly Brockhouse
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 1s 80c
Exp Granted: 555
Quest Level: 15
Min Level: 11
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Locations with maps: The Old Forest | Bree-land
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    Toly Brockhouse
    Bald Hill
    Bonfire Glade
    Savoury Mushroom
    Tapped Maple


'These are strange days! Most hobbits stay away from the Old Forest, but my living depends on it, and I've never had any problems...till now. The forest creatures have all gone strange. I swear the tree-roots themselves moved to trip me up, and now I've sprained my ankle!


'I still need to collect some mushrooms -- they grow in the west part of the forest, between the Bonfire Glade and Bald Hill. Also, please bring in some lumber from my seasoning pile. The pile is to the east past the Bonfire Glade and a little south. And I need some sap from the old maple on Bald Hill, east of the Bonfire Glade.

'I'll gladly split my fee with you! Here, take my bucket for the sap, and thank you kindly!'


The wood-cutter has sprained his ankle and is unable to finish his chores for the day. He swears that the Old Forest intentionally tripped him.


Objective 1

  • Collect seasoned lumber
  • Collect Savoury Mushrooms (0/8)
  • Collect a bucket of maple sap
  • The mushrooms can be found in the western part of Old Forest, between the Bonfire Glade and Bald Hill. The wood can be collected from the wood-cutter's seasoning pile east of the Bonfire Glade and a little south. The sap can be collected from the old maple growing on Bald Hill, east of the Bonfire Glade.

    Because Toly Brockhouse, the wood-cutter, has sprained his ankle, he has asked you to gather mushrooms, wood, and maple sap for him.

    Objective 2
  • Bring the collected materials to Toly Brockhouse
  • Toly Brockhouse awaits you at the entrance to the Old Forest, west of the Bonfire Glade.

    You should return to Toly with the things you collected for him.


    The Sap is at 31.7S, 59.1W.