Old Forest Investigation  

Prerequisite: Rollo and Doderic
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Buckland
Start Location: Brandy Hall
Start Mob: Saradoc Brandybuck
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 80c
Quest Level: 15
Min Level: 11
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Locations with maps: The Old Forest | Bree-land
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    Celandine Brandybuck (Buckland)
    Doderic Brandybuck
    Rollo Maggot
    Saradoc Brandybuck
    Wilmac Brandybuck
    Abandoned Cottage
    Bald Hill


'It's strange you should be asking after Rollo, especially at this moment. Doderic is late for tea, and no one has seen him. The boys often wander about together, though, so there may be nothing to worry about.

'Well, almost nothing. They are in their tweens you know! I'm afraid they may have wandered off into the Old Forest, out to Bald Hill, east of the Bonfire Glade. The Old Forest is a dangerous place, and youngsters like them shouldn't be going there.

'Well, if you're going to be looking for Rollo, you'd best start with Doderic, and you might as well tell him he's late when you see him, too!'


Wilmac Brandybuck, Maggot's farmhand, sent you to Brandy Hall to speak with Saradoc Brandybuck, but the Master of Brandy Hall warned you of Rollo Maggot and Doderic's musings.



Objective 1

  • Find Doderic Brandybuck
  • Doderic may be at Bald Hill in the Old Forest, east of the Bonfire Glade.

    Maggot's Farmhand sent you to Brandy Hall to look for Famrer Maggot's son Rollo. Saradoc Brandybuck has suggested that his nephew Doderic may have taken Rollo out to the Old Forest.

    Objective 2
  • Find Rollo Maggot
  • Rollo Maggot may be found at an abandoned cottage near the Withywindle, south-east of Bald Hill. It is reached by heading west through the Shifting Wood, then turning south and south-east.

    Doderic Brandybuck is worried about his friend Rollo Maggot, who chased after a brigand into the Forest.

    Objective 3
  • Talk to Doderic Brandybuck
  • Doderic Brandybuck is waiting at Bald Hill to the north of the cottage, east of the Bonfire Glade.

    Objective 4
  • Talk to Celandine Brandybuck
  • Celandine can be found on the border of Newbury and Crickhollow in the northern part of Buckland.

    You found Rollo Maggot standing in shock over the corpse of a brigand, but he seemed unharmed. He asked that you show his notes to Doderic, and Doderic suggested that you bring them to his cousin Celandine.

    Objective 5
  • Talk to Wilmac Brandybuck
  • Wilmac Brandybuck is just inside the Hay Gate in Newbury, the northern section of Buckland.

    Wilmac Brandybuck still knows nothing of Rollo's whereabouts. You should speak with him to put his mind at ease.


    For the 2nd objective you can find him at 33.9s, 58.6w