Fierce Resistance  

Prerequisite: The Patrol Ends
Series Name: Gap of Rohan: Isendale
Leads To: Crush the Defences
Leads To: Sully the Stores
Start Zone: Gap of Rohan
Start Area: Isendale
Start Mob: Garrun
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 5000 Theodred's Riders
Cash Granted: 32s 90c
Exp Granted: 16071
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 73
Min Level: 68
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Locations with maps: Gap of Rohan
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    Black Warg Packleader
    Isen Warg-rider


'Several Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders have been sighted among the Warg-warrens north of here. These creatures clearly guide the actions of the Wargs and must be dealt with...I find it strange that the Dunlendings tolerate the vile creatures.

'The Warg-warrens lie to the north and east of here, and the pack-leaders and Warg-riders can be found near there. Go forth and slay the vile beasts...for Theodred and Theoden King!'


Several Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders patrol beyond the Warg-warrens.


Objective 1

  • Defeat Warg-riders (0/2)
  • Defeat pack-leaders (0/5)
  • Warg pack-leaders and goblin Warg-riders can be found near the Warg-warrens, north and east of Garrun's camp.

    Garrun asked you to defeat the pack-leaders and Warg-riders among the Warg-warrens.

    Objective 2

  • Talk to Garrun in the Isendale
  • Garrun is at his camp, west and south of the Warg-warrens.


    This quest can only be started, when you have completed both quest:
    Strike the Colours
    The Patrol Ends