Breaking the Ice  

Series Name: Dunland: Carreglyn
Leads To: Calling for Help
Includes Quest: Finding the Lost
Includes Quest: Helping the Hurt
Includes Quest: Joining the Battle
Includes Quest: Repairs and Restorations
Start Zone: Dunland
Start Area: Carreglyn
Start Location: Lower Barnavon
Start Mob: Gwilum
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Men of Dunland
Cash Granted: 51s 52c
Exp Granted: 23203
Item Exp Granted: 12951
Quest Level: 71
Min Level: 66
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Locations with maps: Dunland
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    Barnavon Mine


'You know by now that Saruman of Many Colours seeks to sway the clans of Dunland to wage war against the Horse-lords of Rohan. Here in Barnavon, my people -- the People of the Ox -- have pressed the last remnant of the Boar-clan into service in the mine, extracting ore to make weapons and gear for Saruman's allies.

'It is an abuse that Madin Brenin will come to rue, I believe, for it goes against what his grandfather stood for when he granted refuge to the Boar-clan. However, should the mines cease to be worked, it will go poorly for the Turch-luth -- the Boar-clan. We have received word of troubles there, and the miners are frightened. If something is not done soon, I fear the backs of the Boar-clan will feel the Brenin's wrath.

'The Barnavon Mine is the second place where I asked you to seek for signs of Warg-riders...will you help with this?'


Word has come to Barnavon of troubles at the mine.


Objective 1

  • Assist Melvun at the Barnavon Mine
  • Assist Argel at the Barnavon Mine
  • Assist Bervun at the Barnavon Mine
  • Assist Cada at the Barnavon Mine
  • The Barnavon Mine lies far to the east of Barnavon-town, beyond the tower of Hen Turrau.

    Gwilum has asked you to lend aid to the miners at the Barnavon Mine so that Madin Brenin will not punish the Boar-clan for the disruption of ore production.

    Objective 2

  • Talk to Gwilum at Barnavon or Melvun at the Barnavon Mine
  • Melvun is at the Barnavon Mine, east of Barnavon. Gwilum is at Barnavon, west of the Barnavon Mine.

    You should speak with either Melvun or Gwilum regarding your successes at the Barnavon Mine.