A Blade For A Life  

Prerequisite: Forging a New Blade
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Northern Bree-fields
Start Location: Thornley's Work Site
Start Mob: Kenton Thistleway
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 50c
Quest Level: 15
Min Level: 10
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Locations with maps: Bree-land | Bree-land
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    Brigand's Watch
    Southern Bree-fields


'Oh, it's terrible! Blake, the brigand-captain who wanted the sword, came and told me he knew Nate was dead and that he knew I had something to do with it! I tried to tell him I didn't, that I would have another sword for him soon, but he wouldn't listen. He said he's taken my daughter, Maribell! If I don't give him another sword, and soon, he'll kill her!

'You must save her! Please! Get the sword from Lofar, then go to Blake's camp. It's in the Bree-fields, up north of Bree. I'm sure he'll release my daughter when he has the sword.'

'Please hurry! I don't know what I'll do if they harm her.'


While you were gathering the materials Kenton needed to finish his work for Lofar Ironband, the brigand Blake took his daughter captive.


Objective 1
Speak to Lofar Ironband

'Those accursed brigands took Thistleway's daughter? This is bad. The sword isn't ready yet! And I know these types of fellows. They won't take "no" for an answer. They'll kill that girl!

'You'll have to mount a rescue and free Kenton's daughter! Hurry now! And gather friends, I fear you'll need them to face Blake!'

Objective 2

Find Maribel Thistleway

Blake's brigand camp is in the Bree-fields, north-west of Bree-town.

When you spoke with Lofar, he told you that the sword was not ready yet. He urged you to go to Blake's brigand camp and try to convince the brigand-captain not to harm Kenton's daughter. The sword will be ready soon. He also suggested you take friends in case there was trouble.

Objective 3
Protect Maribel Thistleway


Maribel is locked in a cage, you will have to free her, then protect her while she escapes. After you free her, several brigands spawn on you, once they are cleared a signature mob: Blake and more brigands spawn. It's two waves of four, with Blake (an Elite) in the second.