Elders in the Shadows  

Prerequisite: Profound Losses
Start Zone: Lone-Lands
Start Area: Ost Guruth
Start Mob: Tortwil
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 The Eglain
Cash Granted: 13s
Exp Granted: 1505
Quest Level: 26
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Ruin-web Spinner
    Ruin-web Trapper
    Amon Ros
    Ost Guruth


'All that you have done proves your honour. I shall not doubt your intentions again, but I shall ask one more favour of you.

'I am sure you have seen that a variety of spiders stalk the shadows of Amon Ros. You may also have seen the elders of this vile brood. It is they who are to be feared the most.

'I ask now that you return to Amon Ros and slay the elders. They have lived for too long, preying upon the helpless, and must be destroyed.'


Since long before Orcs and undead crept into the Lone-lands, the Eglain has had to deal with the menace of spiders dwelling within the ruins across the lonely stretch of Eriador. Now as the spiders are driven from the depths of their ruined homes they creep closer and closer to Ost Guruth and threaten the Eglain who dwell there.


Objective 1
Defeat the Ruin-web Spinner
Defeat the Ruin-web Trapper
Defeat the Ruin-web Weaver

The elders of the brood can be found in Amon Ros, west of Ost Guruth.

You earned Tortwil's trust through your efforts against the spiders, but he asked one last favour of you: that you return to Amon Ros and slay the elders of the spider-brood.

Objective 2
Speak to Torwil at Ost Guruth