Book 4, Chapter 20: In The Presence of Saruman  

Prerequisite: Book 4, Chapter 19: The Caverns of Isengard
Series Name: Volume III, Book 4: Rise of Isengard
Leads To: Book 4, Chapter 21: Servants of Saruman
Includes Quest: Instance: In The Presence of Saruman
Start Zone: Isengard Depths
Start Area: Isengard Depths
Start Mob: Fash
Flags: Epic, Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 32s 55c
Exp Granted: 15296
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 72
Min Level: 67
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Locations with maps: Isengard | Isengard Depths
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    Isengard Depths


'You had better come with me. The Old Man does not like to be kept waiting. If you displease him, perhaps he will no longer need you alive! Ah, wouldn't that be nice?'

'Come with me! The Old Man does not like to be kept waiting!'

This is a solo quest and cannot be completed with a fellowship.


You have been summoned before Saruman, but for what fell purpose you cannot guess.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Fash and go with him to see Saruman
  • In the caverns below Isengard, Fash is ready to bring you to Saruman.

    Objective 2

  • Talk to Morflak in the Ring of Isengard
  • As it appears that you are still of some use to Saruman, you have survived your encounter with the Wizard. You have been deposited before Morflak, your new handler while within the ring of Isengard.