The Scout Becomes the Hunter  

Prerequisite: Spying on the Goblins
Leads To: Assisting Mincham
Leads To: Family Heirloom
Leads To: Londrandir's Message
Leads To: Thinking Ahead
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Greenway
Start Location: Amon Raith
Start Mob: Amarion
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 7s
Exp Granted: 1648
Quest Level: 22
Min Level: 20
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Locations with maps: North Downs
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    Crazed Stonehold
    Stonehold Chief
    Stonehold Spear-hurler


'Your report has given me hope that the goblins can be driven from Annundir, Player. If you can defeat enough goblins, the people here could be back on their own land within a fortnight!

'Defeat the goblins in the hills of Annundir, Player, and teach them a lesson they will not soon forget: the Free Peoples will not let their evil plans come to fruition!

'Go with the good will of the Free Peoples of the North Downs.'


Your assessment of the goblin camp in Annundir has given hope to the Ranger Amarion, and now he believes you can strike a blow against the goblins.


Objective 1
Defeat goblins (0/12)

The goblin camp is east of Amon Raith, on the southern hills of Annundir.

Encouraged by your skills and the light presence of the goblins in the hills of Annundir, Amarion has asked you to begin driving the goblins from that land.

Objective 2
Speak to Amarion at Amon Raith.

The Ranger Amarion is at Amon Raith, west of Annundir.

Amarion is waiting to hear about your attack on the goblins of Annundir.