Crafting: A Superior Library  

Series Name: Crafting (Scholar)
Requires Tradeskill: Scholar
Leads To: Crafting: Artisan Scholar
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start Mob: Novice Scholar
Start NPC Type: Novice Scholar
Flags: Crafting
Quest Level: 1
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Locations with maps: Rivendell | Middle-earth
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'I see that you have gained proficiency as an expert scholar! That is excellent, Name. You are showing remarkable progress.

'You are about ready to learn to be an artisan scholar, which is the next step along the path to mastery. To do this, though, you will need to prove your worth to the expert scholar in Rivendell

'If you impress Forgamthan, he may allow you to use the superior library to create great works from your artisan recipes. Not many have this honour!"


You have grown swiftly and steadily as a Scholar and are now nearly ready to begin using more advanced facilities. The superior library awaits!


Objective 1

  • Complete Forgamthan's task on scroll-making
  • Forgamthan is in Elrond's Library in Rivendell.

    You should complete Forgamthan's task for your advancement in Scholar.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Forgamthan in Rivendell
  • Forgamthan is in Elrond's Library in Rivendell.

    You should speak with Forgamthan and give him news of your success in scroll-making.


    Other rewards:
    Crafting Experience: Scholar

    You've earned 36 crafting XP in Expert Scholar.