Keys to the Crypts  

Prerequisite: The Way of Kings
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Men Erain
Start Location: Ranger-encampment in the Way of Kings
Start Mob: Maladan
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 The Wardens of Annuminas
Cash Granted: 20s 65c
Exp Granted: 3325
Quest Level: 38
Min Level: 33
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Angmarim Commander
    Buzzing Lake-flies
    Deadly Tomb-robber
    Glimmering Limrafn
    Hardened Tomb-robber
    Kergrim Scavenger
    Master Tomb-robber
    Vile Kergrim
    Men Erain


'In short time, we are going to want to begin exploring the tombs in this area...seeing the shape they are in, who is within them, driving out those who now occupy them, and recovering precious relics.

'We cannot do that if we cannot get inside them, though. I sent a request to Tinnudir, but none of the keys to these crypts were found within the keep there. Our copies have been lost to history.

'I have seen many of the denizens of the Way of Kings entering and leaving the tombs, however, and believe some must have keys they are using. Go out and collect a handful of them and let us see where we can explore.'


The denizens of the Way of Kings have ancient keys that may open some of the crypts and tombs within.


Objective 1

  • Collect keys within the Way of Kings (0/4)

  • Objective 2

  • Bring the keys to Maladan
  • Maladan is at the Ranger-camp in the Way of Kings.

    Maladan will want to examine the keys you collected.