Untoward Aggression  

Locations with maps: Annuminas
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    Angmarim Bowman
    Angmarim Captain
    Angmarim Lookout
    Angmarim Overseer
    Angmarim Priest
    Angmarim Sharpeye
    Angmarim Soldier
    Angmarim Spider-tamer
    Angmarim Torturer
    Angmarim Web-caller
    Elder Angmarim Archer
    Elder Angmarim Brawler
    Elder Angmarim Captain
    Elder Angmarim High-Priest
    Elder Angmarim Marksman
    Elder Angmarim Sorceror
    Elder Angmarim Summoner
    Elder Angmarim Venom-master
    Elder Angmarim Warrior
    Gorthorog Warrior
    Titan of Tyl Annun


'Unlike the estates in the hills you cleared for us earlier, Annuminas holds a special place for me. This is where my family lived their lives.

'They shopped in the markets on these streets, worked in these buildings, fished from this harbor. They danced in the halls of Ost Elendil, swam in the waters of Glinghant, mourned in chambers of Haudh Valandil.

'Now, everything they stood for, what they strived their entire lives to build, the good they brought into world and nurtured, I fear is now nothing more than the flicker of a dying flame.

'I for one will no longer stand by and watch as Angmar destroys all that I love. It is time I draw my sword and join this battle.'


Orchalwe rage against the forces of Angmar is seeped in a deep and painful history.


Objective 1

  • Defeat Angmarim in Annuminas (0/40)
  • Defeat Gertheryg in Annuminas (0/10)
  • Angmarim can be found within the bounds of the city of Annuminas.

    Orchalwe is deperate to defeat the Angmarim in Annuminas.

    Objective 2

  • Talk to Adadhrond
  • Orchalwe wants to speak to you.