Annundir: Stoneheight  

Series Name: In Their Absence
Leads To: The Town of Stoneheight
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start Mob: Ctrl+J
Repeat Time: 1d
Flags: Small Fellowship, Skirmish, Repeatable
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 65
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Locations with maps: North Downs | Middle-earth
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"Stoneheight was once a place of refuge from the Orc-tribes in the North Downs, but now their walls have been breached. Yet even as the houses burn and crumble to the ground, you notice that it was not Orcs alone that did this."

This quest involves a Skirmish that can be completed at Small Fellowship group sized by using the Skirmish Join Panel. This Skirmish has a minimum level of 65.