The Things in the Dark  

Prerequisite: Into the Savage Dark
Series Name: Dark Delvings
Start Zone: Foundations of Stone
Start Area: Foundations of Stone
Start Location: The Shadowed Refuge
Start Mob: Moggi
Flags: Fellowship
Cash Granted: 45s 36c
Exp Granted: 9217
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Foundations of Stone
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    Dark-maw Master
    Snarling Overseer
    Dark Delvings


Objective 1

  • Defeat howling overseers in the Dark Delvings (0/6)
  • Defeat snarling overseers in the Dark Delvings (0/6)
  • Defeat Dark-maw masters in the Dark Delving (0/8)
  • Defeated dark world-eaters in the Dark Delving (0/4)
  • The Dark Delvings lie far to the south-east of the Shadowed Refuge.

    Moggi made mention of lamps placed in the Dark Delvings by the dwarves and how they may drive back some of the Nameless, but he thinks that there are others who are unafraid of such Light. Use caution as you fulfil this task.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Moggi at the Shadowed Refuge
  • Moggi is at the Shadowed Refuge, far to the north-west of the Dark Delving.

    You fought your way into the Dark Delving and there defeated many of the nameless horrors. You should now return to the Shadowed Refuge and inform Moggi of your success.