Nightmares in the Abyss  

Series Name: Nightmares of the Deep
Leads To: Eaters of the Dead
Leads To: Into the Savage Dark
Leads To: Life From the Dead
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: Zelem-melek
Start Location: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Mob: Veulfur
Flags: Fellowship
Cash Granted: 56s 70c
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Foundations of Stone | Zelem-melek
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'I have dispatched my agents to meet with the Elves who came to the Shadowed Refuge. They all have tasks that I have set them to. We are too few in number to undertake them on our own.

'I would ask that you complete all the tasks by Mallas, Throstur, and Gelirwen then return to me. We must understand better the foes that we face out of that dark place.

'You can find my agents and our Elf-allies within the Shadowed Refuge, located to the south-east of the Twenty-first Hall.'


In the deepest sections of Moria, there are strange and frightening creatures. Veulfur dispatched a host of his finest agents to the Shadowed Refuge to meet up with a company pf Elves there to investigate rumours of the deep dark.


Objective 1

  • Assist Mallas with his efforts at the Sixteenth Hall
  • Assist Mallas with his efforts at Skumfil
  • Assist Throstur with his efforts at Skumfil
  • Assist Gelirwen with her efforts at the Dark Delvings
  • Mallas, Throstur, and Gelirwen are at the Shadowed Refuge, southeast of the Twenty-first Hall.

    Veulfur wants to better understand the enemy appearing from the edges of the shadowy dark. He sent you to the Shadowed Refuge to assist his agents and allies there with various tasks meant to divine the dangers and meanings of the nefarious creature found therein.