Instance: Darkness Revealed  

Series Name: Enedwaith
Included in Quest: Darkness Revealed
Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Lich Bluffs
Start Location: Lhe Colvarn
Flags: Solo
Quest Level: 65
Min Level: 62
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith
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    Grim Ashenwight
    Grim Ashenwight Captain
    Summoned Wight
    Lich Bluffs
    Locking Mechanism


Darkness Revealed
"Not only the shades of Oathbreaker wander the barrows of the Lich Bluff. Some dark Power has raised a horde of wights in service to the enemy. Only by travelling into the darkest recesses of an ancient barrow can the source of this evil be uncovered...."


Within the depths of the barrows, foul creatures are performing a dark ritual of death.


Objective 1

  • Locate and use first lever
  • Locate and use second lever
  • Locate and use third lever
  • Levers that control the locking mechanism to the gate of the summoning chamber can be found in several large antechambers within the barrow.

    Objective 2
  • Enter the chamber to disrupt the ritual
  • In the furthest chamber of the ancient barrow, behind the now-open steel gate, resides the ritual chamber. Enter the chamber and disrupt the dark ritual that is taking place.

    Objective 3
  • Defeat Iargandir
  • Defeat the ritualist performing the ceremony on the fallen corpse.