Intro: Into the Shadow  

Prerequisite: Intro: The Exiled Hunter
Series Name: Introduction
Leads To: Intro: A Slender Hope
Start Zone: Archet (pre-instance)
Start Area: Hunting Lodge (pre-instance)
Start Mob: Jon Brackenbrook
Flags: Epic, Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 93
Quest Level: 5
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Locations with maps: Archet (pre-instance)
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    Blackwold Cutthroat
    Blackwold Hoodlum
    Blackwold Leader
    Blackwold Striker
    Jon Brackenbrook
    Blackwold Plans


'Calder Cob has shown his true colours at last! I knew him to be evil-hearted, but my father is too trusting. He does not like to think ill of people. His blindness wounded me, but he is a good man.

'So, to answer your question: yes, I will come to Archet's aid, I and my fellows. I am a hunter and a skilled warrior, trained by my father and Captain, and I would rather die than sit idly by while foul brigands crash upon a decent peoples.

'Let us see what there is to see before the storm is upon us. While I gather my warriors and my weapons, you should sneak into the Blackwold's Roost and uncover their plan of attack for tonight.


Jon Brackenbrook has sent you into the Blackwold's Roost, the heart of the shadow over Archet, in hopes that you can uncover their plan of attack.


Objective 1

  • Defeat brigands to thin their ranks (0/4)
  • Gather information about the intended Blackwold raid
  • The Blackwold's Roost can be found south of the Hunting Lodge.

    You should defeat brigands to thin their ranks and gather information about their exact plans for the raid on Archet.

    A letter inside the satchel tells that the Blackwolds mean to attack tonight with the help of Angmar.

    Objective 2

  • Bring the Blackwold-plans to Jon Brackenbook
  • Jon Brackenbrook is mustering his strength in the Hunter's Lodge, in the north-east corner of Archet.

    You should return to Jon Brackenbrook with the Blackwold-plans you have collected.


    the Blackwold Plans are at [26.8S 46.4W]