Haunted Forest  

Prerequisite: New Trouble in the Old Forest
Series Name: The Wood-cutter's Tale
Includes Quest: A Matron in the Hollow
Includes Quest: Evil on Eight Legs
Start Zone: The Old Forest
Start Area: Old Forest
Start Mob: Gillemin Brandybuck
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 6s 40c
Exp Granted: 555
Quest Level: 16
Min Level: 14
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Locations with maps: The Old Forest
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    Gillemin Brandybuck
    Haunted Barren-oak
    The Old Oak's Grave


'Well now, as I said before, I think that nest of spiders I found has something to do with all the queerness stirred up in the Forest. But there are too many spiders for me to deal with myself, and the Bounders will only come with fire and axes.

'If you could make your way into the heart of that nest, maybe you can find out a little more. The spider nest is south across the Willow Glade.

'I was only able to make it to the outskirts of the nesting ground before the spiders chased me away, so you'll probably want to gather some friends.'


Gillemin Brandybuck believes the great spider nest he found is at the centre of the stirring of the Old Forest.


Objective 1

  • Discover the source of the Forest's unrest
  • Destroy the Haunted Barren-oak

    Objective 2
    Talk to Gillemin Brandybuck


    Kill the lvl 18 Elite Haunted Barren-oak in the Old Forest at 36.9S 56.3W. It has a few adds.