Chapter 7: The Drowned Treasury  

Prerequisite: Chapter 6: Bori's Suspicion
Series Name: Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water
Leads To: Chapter 8: Broin's Tale
Includes Quest: Instance: The Drowned Treasury
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Location: The Chamber of Leadership
Start Mob: Bori (Leadership)
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 27s 30c
Exp Granted: 8116
Item Exp Granted: 9281
Quest Level: 57
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Locations with maps: Zelem-melek
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    Bori (Leadership)
    The Twenty-first Hall


'Imagine how unstoppable we would be if we could retrieve Zigilburk from the darkness of the past. I would fear no attack of the Orcs, that much is certain!

'I have a good feeling about this: The Hall of Mithril must certainly be the armouries for which Óin sought. If only he had found them in time, the dwarves of Balin's expedition might have survived!

'It is too late for them, friend, but not for us. We will travel to the Hall of Mithril in search of these armouries. Speak to me when you are ready.'


Bori believes you have discovered the location of the armouries sought by the doomed dwarf Óin many years ago, and which might contain the mithril axe Zigilburk.


  • Gather allies, talk to Bori and travel to the Hall of Mithril

Bori is in the Chamber of Leadership off the Twenty-first Hall, in Zelem-melek.

Bori is waiting to speak with you to travel to the Hall of Mithril, where he believes you will find the mithril axe Zigilburk. He asked you to bring allies.

  • Talk to Bori