Chapter 6: Bori's Suspicion  

Prerequisite: Chapter 5: Into the Fire
Series Name: Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water
Leads To: Chapter 7: The Drowned Treasury
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Location: The Chamber of Command
Start Mob: Brogur (Leadership)
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 26s 95c
Exp Granted: 1
Item Exp Granted: 1
Quest Level: 56
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Locations with maps: The Water-Works | Zelem-melek
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    Bori (Leadership)
    Brogur (Leadership)
    The Twenty-first Hall


'In my delight at the blow you have struck the Ghâsh-hai, I nearly forgot: my nephew Bori wants to speak to you about something. He would not tell me what has him so excited, but I am glad to see that he is keeping his spirits up; I have not seen him so cheery since before my son was slain by the Watcher in the Water.

'It is a valuable lesson to turn our grief into strength. Just ask Ashpar about the strength of the dwarves!'


Bori suspects that he has stumbled upon something that will enable the dwarves to turn the tables on the threatening Orcs of Moria.


  • Talk to Bori

Bori is in the Chamber of Leadership off the Twenty-first Hall in Zelem-melek.

Brogur has told you that his nephew Bori wants to speak with you about something.

  • Defeat creatures in the Water-works (0/18)
  • Memorize room plaques (0/5)

Room plaques can be found throughout the Water-works, as well as dangerous aquatic creatures.

Bori has asked you to memorize the locations of different rooms throughout the Water-works, and to defeat the creatures there.