Talons at the Talan  

Prerequisite: Searching for Eagles
Start Zone: Lothlorien
Start Area: Talan Revail
Start Mob: Cuvroval
Reputation Increased: 700 Galadhrim
Exp Granted: 6955
Item Exp Granted: 5602
Destiny Granted: 250
Quest Level: 60
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien
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    Talan Revail


'Alas, it has been long since I laid eyes upon the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains, whose ancestors served the Elder King in ages past.

Lo, what is that? Do you see that black cloud approaching? Ai-oi! It is a flock of crebain from the west descending upon us.

'Please lend me your aid in driving them off!'


Cúvroval wants you to help her defend flet against an incursion of angry crows.


  • Defend Talan Revail and Cuvroval

Cúvroval is at Talan Revail.

A flock of crebain is descending upon Talan Revail from the West. Cúvroval has asked you to help defend the talan and drive the crows off!

  • Talk to Cuvroval at Talan Revail

Cúvroval is at Talan Revail.

You should speak with Cúvroval regarding the craban-attack on Talan Revail.


3 waves of 3-4 crebain will attack.


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