A Revel Too Far  

Prerequisite: Banquet Preparations
Start Zone: Lothlorien
Start Area: Imlad Lalaith
Start Mob: Maliriel
Repeat Time: 4h
Flags: Repeatable
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Galadhrim
Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Exp Granted: 4200
Item Exp Granted: 4682
Destiny Granted: 125
Quest Level: 60
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien
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    Imlad Lalaith


'My dear Bludless, I thank you for your help with the preparations for the evening revels, but there is one last matter. Even among our people, there is the occasional tendency to over-sample the fine products of our local vinyard, and the revellers can become a bit more loose with their tongues than I prefer.

'I must see to my duties as hostess and greeter to guests as they arrive...and so I was wondering if you could help me keep some of our more inebriated guests in line?

'I find it is easiest to determine who has overindulged by listening to their manner of speech. It is the way of the Elves of Lothlórien to remain quiet and well-mannered even during our revels -- so should you hear someone raising their voice over-loud or becoming unseemingly boisterous, it might be best to remind them of their manners,'


The banquets of Imlad Lalaith are known throughout Lothlórien for their festive nature -- but even among the Elves, overindulgance can become a problem.

Maliriel has asked you to help keep an eye on the guests, during the evening revels to ensure that matters do not get out of hand, as they are occasionally known to do.


  • Drunken Revellers Admonished (0/5)
  • Sober Revellers Admonished (0/3)

During the evening hours, find revellers in Imlad Lalaith who have indulged overmuch in wine and have become too loud or boisterous and remind them of their manners.


Admonish 6 drunks while bothering no more than 2 sober revellers by accident. If you mistakenly dress-down 3 sober revellers you fail.

To separate the drunks from the sober, watch what they say. If they stutter over a long elvish word, or speak a well-known quote from the books (such as a poem) with a word or two wrong, those are the drunks.

i.e. "Oh, Elbereth, Gilthoniel! Oh, Elbereth, star-kindler!" is sober, "Oh, Elbereth, Gilthoniel! Oh, Elbereth, stir-kindly!" is drunk.

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