Touch of Corruption  

Prerequisite: Scattered Belongings
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Meluinen
Start Location: Lin Giliath
Start Mob: Gandelin
Flags: Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 16s
Quest Level: 28
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Locations with maps: North Downs | North Downs
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    Dead-aim Ongburz
    Grim Ongburz
    Ongburz Defiler
    War-captain Ongburz


The Orcs of Gurzlum in the Kingsfell use spider venom to coat their blades and arrows.


Objective 1
Collect Ongburz venom-pouches (0/12)
Defeat the Ongburz Defiler

Objective 2

Bring the Ongburz venom-pouches to Gandelin