Wine When We Dine  

Included in Quest: Banquet Preparations
Start Zone: Lothlorien
Start Area: The Vinyards of Lorien
Start Mob: Glasnir
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Galadhrim
Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Quest Level: 60
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien | Lothlorien
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    The Vinyards of Lorien


'There is a traditional toast at the beginning of every feast, for which we will provide the wine.

'The wine for this feast is, of course, already aged to perfection, but it is our custom to lay down the makings of a future vintage just before each gathering.

'We need to gather a few last clusters of grapes before this evening's festivities. If you would be so kind as to find some ripe bunches in or around the Vinyards and bring them to one of the tubs, you would have my gratitude.'


Maliriel has asked you to help her companions complete the preparations for the upcoming banquet.


  • Gather grapes (0/6)

Grapes can be found growing upon trellises in the Vinyards of Lórien.

Glasnír has asked you to collect some grapes for the new wine. No banquet would be complete without fine wine with which to toast, but making a fine wine takes time. Fortunately, the Elves make particularly fine vintners, for there is no lack of time in the long lives of these fair folk.

  • Crush the grapes

The tub is in the Vinyards of Lórien.

You should take the grapes to tub to be crushed.

  • Talk to Glasnir

Glasnír is in the Vinyards of Lórien.

You should let Glasnír know that you have collected grapes and crushed the berries as he wished.