The Bigger Ones  

Prerequisite: Dangeous Quarry
Series Name: Enedwaith
Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Nar's Peak
Start Location: Zudrugund
Start Mob: Frithgeir
Repeat Time: 1d
Flags: Small Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 56s 70c
Exp Granted: 4651
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 65
Min Level: 60
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith
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    Nar's Peak
    Thror's Coomb


'There are two larger female gwiber that have made their home among the hills below. These dreaded beasts are two of the more powerful gwiber and a great threat to not only us, but the Men who dwell to the west. They are wily and will lurk in hiding, only to emerge when their eggs are disturbed.

'I would have you seek out the clutches of Tantafod and Harcennun and destry them, lest the gwiber continue to replenish.

'These two clutches can be found in the far western reaches of Thror's Coomb. Tantafod's clutch can be found on the western border, while Harcennun clutch might be found near a large standing stone to the west of Tantafod.'


Among the broken rocks of Thror's Coomb, the feared gwiber Tantafod and Harcennun make their nests. These matrons are fiercely protective of their nests.


Objective 1

  • Find Tantafod's clutch and defeat Tantafod
  • Tantafod's clutch can be found on the western border of Thror's Coomb, almost due south of Nar's Peak.

    Frithgeir has asked you to seek out Tantafod's clutch and destroy it. Tantafod herself may need to be dispatched as well.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Frithgeir at Zudrugund
  • Frithgeir is at Zudrugund


    You must complete both of these quest in order to get this quest:
    Dangeous Quarry
    The Clutch Collapses