Leads To: Queen in the Fungus
Start Zone: Foundations of Stone
Start Area: The Shadowed Refuge
Start Mob: Klintur
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 500 Iron Garrison Miners
Cash Granted: 28s
Exp Granted: 3427
Item Exp Granted: 8312
Quest Level: 59
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Locations with maps: Foundations of Stone | Foundations of Stone
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    Globsnaga Spider
    The Shadowed Refuge


It is a constant struggle to keep the overwhelming numbers of the spiders to a minimum.


  • Defeat spiders (0/12)


  • Talk to Klintur at the Shadowed Refuge

Klintur can be found at the Shadowed Refuge, west from Tunzelgund.

You should return to Klintur with news of your success.