Chapter 3: Scavenging for Weapons  

Series Name: Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water
Included in Quest: Chapter 3: Preparations for the Heart of Fire
Start Zone: The Great Delving
Start Area: The Way of Smiths
Start Mob: Wafi
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 26s 95c
Exp Granted: 6295
Item Exp Granted: 5929
Quest Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Durin's Way | The Great Delving | The Silvertine Lodes | Zelem-melek | The Great Delving
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    Durin's Threshold
    The Chamber of Wisdom
    The Dwarf-lord's Gate


'There is nothing more frustrating for a skilled dwarf-craftsman than having the use of a great forge such as this without enough raw materials with which it can be utilized! And if there is anything more irksome than that, it is the knowledge that when the Orcs attack, we might not have been able to equip our people with sufficient weapons and armour.

'It is my understanding that you aided Lord Bósi's son in taking weapons, armour, and helms from the Orcs so that his assault on the White Hand in Moria would be victorious. You are just the right Elf for the job, then.

'We have sent scouts throughout Moria, and they have catalogued a list of likely places to find such weapons. I will give you this catalogue so you may keep track of the places you have searched for usable weapons.'


Search piles of old weapons for usable materials (0/8)

Wafi gave you a list of places to search for debris piles that might contain usable weapons that can be used by the craftsmen at the Heart of Fire.

Wafi needs raw materials with which to craft equipment for the defence of the Heart of Fire and has asked you to search debris piles throughout Moria for usable weapons.



Read the Scavenging Checklist (in your inventory).


  • The Statue of Durin - in Gazatmur south of Katub-zahar (the goblin camp northeast and below The Dolven-view)
  • Shadow of the Steps - Durin's Threshhold, north side of the stairs, east of the Rallying Circle [7.8S 115.4W]
  • A Tower in the Delving - North of the Chamber of Wisdom, look for the orange light on an octagonal platform [7.3S 112.3W]
  • The Hidden Overlook - on a small ledge overlooking the bridge at the Dwarf-lords' gate [6.6S 112.3W]
  • The Shade of the Trees - in Tharakh Bazan by 6 trees on the northern wall
  • Flame of the Merrevail - at the eastern end of Durin's Way there is a cavern full of Merrevail
  • The Goblin Pyre -  in the Silvertine Lodes, at Gamil Filik, on the dais with the bonfire
  • Deepest Silvertine Mushrooms - near Sweina, east of the south track to The Water-works, at [12.5S 112.3W]
  • Outside the Treasury - At the Mustering camp outside The Forgotten Treasury is a Pile of Old Weapons at [11.1S 112.7W]
  • The Sunken Statue - [16.7S 112.6W]
  • The Broken Colum - [15.7S 112.9W]
  • Beyond the Rubble - Balin's Camp
  • An Orc Throne - in Zelem-melek, east of the Lonely Span, a room in the west of Skrithurz-ulima
  • Hall of Flowing Water - south of the Broad Ways in the Hall of Flowing Water, by a basin near the south exit [9.1S 107.7W]
  • The Broken Floor - south, then east, from the twenty-first Hall, at the brink of the collapsed floor