Chapter 3: Preparations for the Heart of Fire  

Prerequisite: Chapter 2: Bosi's Recommendation
Series Name: Volume II, Book 4: Fire and Water
Leads To: Chapter 4: Hasten to the Twenty-first Hall
Includes Quest: Chapter 3: Runners in the Deeps
Includes Quest: Chapter 3: Scavenging for Weapons
Start Zone: The Great Delving
Start Area: The Way of Smiths
Start Mob: Stothkell
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 10s 78c
Exp Granted: 1
Item Exp Granted: 1
Quest Level: 56
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'My lieutenants will tell you how best to help us with the preparations, Bludless. I would trust both Wafi and Rink Stronghammer with my life. Ask them what should be done, and make it so.

'We here in the Heart of Fire will stand against the Orcs until the very end. And then, if all else seems lost, we will shut the door.

'We will only do so at the greatest need, though. Help Wafi and Rink with the preparations for our defence, and the time until we must shut the door may be long put off.'


  • Aid Wafi with his preparations
  • Aid Rink Stronghammer with his preparations