Series Name: Ghash-Hai
Leads To: Infighting
Start Zone: The Flaming Deeps
Start Area: Anazarmekhem
Start Mob: Hysing
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 26s 95c
Exp Granted: 6295
Item Exp Granted: 5929
Quest Level: 56
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Locations with maps: The Flaming Deeps
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The Flaming Deeps are mostly unexplored, but the dwarves do know that there are strange Orcs inhabiting the Deeps.


Defeat 18 Ghash-hai Orcs


Talk to Hysing at Anazarmekhem

Hysing is at Anazârmekhem at the north end of the Flaming Deeps.

Hysing will be interested in hearing more about what you encountered while battling the Ghâsh-hai.