The Bree-fields Harvestmath Run  

Prerequisite: To the Horse-races
Happens during Event: Harvest Festival
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Festival Grounds
Start Mob: Sally Threshing
Repeat Time: 15h
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 10
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Sally Threshing
    Festival Grounds


'Greetings to you, stranger! Are you here to try out our obstacle course? Only the most experienced of riders will be able to master such a tricky path in the amount of time we have allotted, but the reward is great for those who manage to succeed.

'The rules are very simple -- race through each gate, and you mustn't fall off your steed before the time runs out. When you see two gates next to one another, you must choose which path to take, be it high or low. The low path may be muddy, and the high is sure to be dry, but precarious indeed. There will be other hurdles to disrupt you as well.

'Do you feel up for this challenge? Only the most spirited riders should even attempt such a feat! It is sure to be very dangerous, but you have a hardy look to you.'


The Harvestmath Run is a time-honoured tradition in the Horsefields of Bree. Many challenges have been laid down to present a tricky course for the brave riders of Middle-earth who wish to demonstrate their mettle on horseback.


Objective 1

Mount a race-horse OR mount a race-pony

The festival steeds can be found spoiling for the race in the stable at the Bree-fields Festival Grounds.

You should mount a steed to begin the race -- a pony if you are shorter in stature, or a horse if you are of a taller build.

Objective 2-11

Complete the course within the time allotted

The gates can be found by following the race-track at the Bree-fields' Festival Ground.

You must race through all the gates before the timer runs out.

Objective 12

Speak to Sally Threshing

Sally Threshing stands next to the finish line at the race-track in Bree.

You should speak with Sally Threshing and inform her of your success.


Missing a plank-jump will not unhorse you but it will apply a slow debuff. Making the jump will give you a brief speed-buff. There is no penalty for getting hung up on a fence jump. You must hit every one of the ribboned gates, in order, or fail.


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