The Haunted Burrow  

Prerequisite: Bilbo's Letter
Series Name: Festival, Fall
Happens during Event: Harvest Festival
Leads To: A Race Through the Haunted Burrow
Leads To: A Riddle in a Bottle
Leads To: A Stroll Through the Haunted Burrow
Leads To: On a Horse Painted Pale
Leads To: Rattling Bones in the Haunted Burrow
Leads To: Roaring Maw in the Haunted Burrow
Leads To: The Ale Association -- A Game of Hobbit-harrying
Leads To: The Great Hobbit Rescue
Leads To: The Inn League Excavation
Leads To: Valuables Gone Astray
Leads To: Wailing in the Haunted Burrow
Start Zone: The Shire
Start Area: The Hill
Start Location: Bag End
Start Mob: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 344
Quest Level: 10
Min Level: 5
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Locations with maps: The Shire
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    Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
    Opal Goodbody
    The Haunted Burrow
    The Hill
    The Party Tree
    Bag End Cellar Door


'Oh my, what wonderful news! Apparently my spoons fit as keys into the key-hole in that barrow door down there. That Old madman planned for me to have his treasure after all!

'Come, I'll go open the door, and you will help me carry out the treasures I find. Let us meet down at the Party Tree. Just give me a moment, and I'll be down!'


Does Bibo's letter contain a clue to gaining access to the locked cellar? Lobelia seems to think it does....


Objective 1

  • Talk to Lobelia inside the Haunted Burrow

Lobelia has made her way down to the Haunted Burrow to investigate, the door of which is at the Party Tree below Bag End.

You should join Lobelia in the Haunted Burrow.

Lobelia is not pleased with the cellar and has given you permission to explore it at your leisure

Objective 2

  • Talk to Opal Goodbody to discuss the fate of the Haunted Barrow

Opal Goodbody is at the Party Tree in Hobbiton.

You should speak with Opal Goodbody to wrap your head around what just took place.

You may now enter the Haunted Burrow (at your own peril!)