Longbeards in Trouble  

Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Started By Item:Flags: Solo
Quest Level: 30
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Locations with maps: Trollshaws | Middle-earth
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When you opened Gift for a Master you found a letter. Reading it started this quest.



You discovered a letter penned by a dwarf who said that he was separated from a friend in the wilds of the Trollshaws.


talk to Heithur Ironfist in the Trollshaws.

The camp written about in the message is located south-east of the Last Bridge a short distance off of the road. You will see the hills rise sharply and a small plateau-like rise surrounded by pillar-lik stones. Heithur must be there.

A dwarf, Heithur Ironfist, sent a message to any soul who would come to his aid in the Trollshaws.


Reward: 10 Turbine Points