Deluros of Rivendell  

Prerequisite: Unwitting Scavengers
Leads To: The Missing Fragments
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: Rivendell Valley
Start Mob: Glorenglir
Items Needed:Exp Granted: 1981
Quest Level: 39
Min Level: 35
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Locations with maps: Rivendell
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    Elrond's Library
    The Last Homely House


'Once Master Deluros hears I was correct in my belief that pieces of pottery and other relics could become entangled in the root-like legs of the snow lurkers of the Misty Mountains, he is certain to give me more interesting assignments!

'Bring these relic fragments to him, (Player), and tell him from whence you retrieved them! Perhaps he will send you back to me with an invitation to examine the most precious artifacts kept at Imladris. I cannot wait to study them with my own eyes!

'You will find Master Deluros within the library of Lord Elrond's house. He is always to be found there, deep in thought.'


Glorenglir believed that snow lurkers could be used to unearth fragments of history from the snows of the Misty Mountains, and you have proven her correct.


Objective 1
Bring relic fragments to Deluros

The scholar Deluros is within the library of the House of Elrond in Rivendell.

Glorenglir has asked you to bring the relic fragments you recovered from the snow lurkers of the Misty Mountains to Deluros with the hope that he will recognize her readiness to advance as a scholar.