A Love of Gold, Part One  

Requires Tradeskill: Prospector
Leads To: A Love of Gold, Part Two
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start NPC Type: Supplier
Flags: Crafting, Solo
Items Needed:Quest Level: 10
Min Level: 4
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Locations with maps: Middle-earth
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'Greetings, Name. You wish to further develop your skills as a prospector? I can help you to do so! I possess a book that will help you to become even more skilled in your profession.

'When you have read it, return to me, and we will speak again.'


Your skills as a prospector have gone beyond your previous mastery.


Objective 1

  • Read the book of prospector-lore
  • You have been given a book of prospector-lore by a supplier.

    You should read it and study the secrets contained within its yellowed pages.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to a supplier
  • Suppliers can be found at nearly every crafting centre.

    You should speak again with the supplier now that you have read the book of prospector-lore.

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