Hewing a New Stone  

Prerequisite: Deep Secrets of Rune-craft
Required Class: Rune-keeper
Start Zone: Ered Luin
Start Area: Low Lands
Start Location: Gondamon
Start Mob: Dardur
Flags: Class, Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 49s 70c
Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 45
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains | Angmar | Evendim | Ered Luin
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    Low Lands


'The time has come for you to delve into the deeper secrets of rune-craft, (your name). As with the runes themselves, the stones upon which they are graven are key to their power.

'Just as a warrior needs a sword of fine steel, so too do we need rune-stones to accompany our gifts. It is in the shaping of your stone that you will achieve wisdom.

'Here is my counsel on what materials will aid you for shaping your stone. First, bring me stone from the Misty Mountains, oft carried by the goblins there, and runes from the foul sorcerer Ánraig at Annúminas. Make haste, (your name), if you wish to bear your weapon soon!'


Dardúr will aid you in hewing a rune-stone of great cunning.


Objective 1

  • Collect 12 Misty Mountain stones
  • Collect Archivist Ánraig's runes

The stones can be found among the goblins of Goblin-town. The runic inscription is held by Ánraig, east of Gwaelband in the ruins of Annúminas.

Dardúr wishes you to bring the stones from the roots of the Misty Mountains and a runic inscription held by an Angmarim archivist named Ánraig.

Objective 2

  • Collect 10 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
  • Collect 20 Hooked Warg Claws

Dardúr now requires Neekerbreeker-horns and hooked Warg-claws.

Nerbeglir can be found in Mallenhad in Angmar. Wargs can be found in Angmar, the Misty Mountains, and Forochel.

Objective 3

  • Collect a Sigil of War
  • Collect a Rune of Winged Dominance
Dardúr now needs Gruglok's Sigil of War and a Rune of Winged Dominance.

Gruglok may be found at Urugarth, an instance within Carn Dûm, in Angmar. Azgoth and Mormoz may be found at Carn Dûm in Angmar.


The entrance to Goblin-town is on the "ground" level of north High-pass. Just follow the quest pointer to the entrance. Kill 12 goblins and they all drop the stones.

From Tinnudir in Evendim, swim to the southwest to the Port of Annunimas (west side of Tyl Annun). From there, make your way southeast through the water, to Gwaelband and the Dunedain camp there. Cross the bridge east staying clear of the 3 fishing Bowmen on your left and the 2 dueling Captains on your right. You will see a Priest that wanders in and out of the camp to the plaza you are on. Kill him a few times and Ánraig will spawn. He follows the same path as the priest so just wait for him. He will summon a spider during the fight. Just kill him and run the spider to the Dunedain.

NOTE: ALL of the items needed for this quest except for Objective 1 can be bartered for with a Curiosities Vendor at any Skirmish Camp using Skirmish Marks.

  • 5 Corroded Neekerbreaker Horns for 510 SM
  • 5 Hooked Warg Claws for 510 SM
  • Sigil of War for 1,690 SM
  • Rune of Winged Dominance for 2,600 SM