Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Lhe Lhechu
Start Location: The Jailor's Quarters
Started By Item:Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 The Grey Company
Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Exp Granted: 5566
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 65
Min Level: 60
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith
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    Dagoras (Echad Dagoras)
    Deserter Archer
    Deserter Captain
    Deserter Scout
    Deserter Shieldbearer
    Echad Dagoras
    Lhe Lhechu


The papers you have found speak of the purpose behind Dunland's intrusion into the North, but they are partial and damaged by careless handling.

If you can find more parts of this document upon former officers among the Dunlending deserters, you may be able to piece together Saruman's intentions for the region.


You found a set of orders in the quarters of a deserter in Endwaith that partially detailed Isengard's plans for the region. Such information would doubtless be of interest to the Grey Rangers, and you believe you may be able to find the rest of these papers among the officers in Lhe Lhechu.


Objective 1

  • Collect deserter's orders (0/5)
  • Dunlending officers can be found in Lhe Lhechu, south-west of Echad Dagoras.

    You should collect papers from the Dunlending officers in Fordirith and learn more of the reason for their presence on the borders of the old North Kingdom.

    Objective 2
  • Bring the Dunlending orders to Dagoras
  • Dagoras is at Echad Dagoras, north-east of Lhe Lhechu.

    You should return the orders you have found to Dagoras.