Along the Great East Road  

Prerequisite: Informing Grimbriar
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Southern Bree-fields
Start Mob: Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Cash Granted: 1s 2c
Exp Granted: 514
Quest Level: 17
Min Level: 14
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Adso Haybank
    Adso's Camp
    Southern Bree-fields


'I will take the advice of my other watchers under careful consideration. You must understand, however, that the Rangers are brutes in their own right and have long been a menace along our borders. Ask those in Trestlebridge and the farmland of the North Downs, and you will see the same response to the Rangers. Not a single one of them can be trusted.

'As I said, there are others within Bree-land who need assistance and you have proven a valuable ally and more than capable combatant. I would have you visit one of these folk. Adso Haybank is a hobbit building an inn along the Great East Road stretching between Bree and Buckland. He has sent a message that brigands are stealing his materials and threatening the lives of his workers. If you would, please visit him and see what can be done. I will continue to think on an alternative course of action.

'You will find him along the Great East Road, south of this cabin, between Bree and Buckland.'


Watcher Grimbriar dispatched you to investigate the claims of more Southerner activity along the Great East Road. A hobbit there, Adso Haybank, requested assistance against thieves and brutes.


Objective 1
Talk to Adso Haybank at his camp

Adso Haybank camp can be found along the Great East Road between the gate of Bree and Buckland.

Watcher Grimbriar sent you to assist Adso Haybank with solving the problems the hobbit currently has with the brigands out of the south.